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Cant achieve because of anxiety

Hi everyone,

We all have some dreams and we want to go to that stage of our life where we have fulfilled our dreams. For me I wanted to get admission in one of prestigious institution of India, IIT as I was bright student. But because of GAD I haven't been same old bright and my concentration skill is getting poor, also having issue in reading.

My intention here is are there any other people who have dreams and they are not able to achieve their dreams because of their anxiety issues, I have doubt that I will be getting admission in IIT or not because for that I need to top in entrance exam for that institute.

If there are others I need to know what were your dreams and did you achieve them with anxiety problems or you dropped those plans or are you still pursuing your dreams no matter what anxiety make you suffer??

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I think everyone has dreams and hopes. The things that I thought would happen to me, where I would end up - well, most has not. Life takes us down different paths and I personally think that it isn't up to us. I believe that God has a plan for us. Maybe some would think that is a stupid excuse for not reaching our goals. But I don't make excuses for myself - never. I have always just felt that if one path didn't seem to be working I should take another. And I've lived my life that way. I am 64. When I look back I realize how much I have accomplished, how much has been given to me. I suffered with anxiety from the time I was a child. I could not begin to go to college or do anything academic - and I really believed I would be a doctor or a veterinarian and my family hoped that is what I would do. But I never made it. I still have panic attacks although less frequently. I've married, had children, become a widow and worked hard in jobs that maybe weren't the most satisfying. But the wonders I have seen and the blessing I have been given - my life has been one to be grateful for. Please be more understanding of yourself and learn to accept yourself just as you are. Expectations in life cause more grief and trouble than anything else. I could say so much more, but it would begin to sound redundant. Take care and be kind to yourself. Your destiny is waiting for you. Try to treat life like an adventure if you can. My best to you.


Thanks for sharing your experience but I think that expectation is the thing that gives you progress in life, you need to balance between anxiety and expectation and that is what I am trying to learn!!!


Progress in life is only satisfying when there is self compassion and love. If expectation motivates you positively, it is great! All hope is a great thing. But the highest good is love for yourself and others.


Thanks for this reply. I think you are exactly right even though I find it hard to see my accomplishments and be grateful for them. I am trying to do it though.


Hi. I am sorry that anxiety issues prevent you from achieving your dreams. I think it is a very valid conclusion although it sounds like your goals were very high, because you had to be top in your entrance exam. The important thing beyond achievement, is to be kind to yourself. It can be quite hard if you are used to being hard on yourself!! There is no greater achievement than self love. It takes a lot of perserverance to get there but it is well worth it.


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