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Ok so I had to come off sertraline it was way too much for me. Iam now on fluoxetine, it's only 20mg so it's a lot lower then the 50mg of the sertraline I was anybody else on this? I have side effects but it's ok to cope with? The Docter Said it can take a while to kick in but really good, I'm Hoping this is true. Can anybody help, thank you xx

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Hi Melanie29 I currently take 2.5ml of the liquid fluoxetine and have been on it for afew years now. It took about 6 weeks for it to kick in, the good side is that it did take away my panic and felt like I could control my anxiety so much better. The bad side is it doesn't taste nice so I always have a drink with it and weight gain I have gone from a UK 6 to 10/12. Meds will be different for different people this is only what I have experienced, good luck i'm sure it will help

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