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Shaking hand

Hi, i am the desperate house wife again, my husband is much better in general, but yesterday hes stomach aches, he went to de Dr (homeopathy) and he is also MD, he says he got colitis, prescribed homeopathy meds and he suggested to have potatoes and rice only, he is much much better, the pain is almost gone, but today whole Having hes breakfast i notice hes right hand shakes a little, i asked him if it happens all the time, he says only sometimes, he es very joung for that (51), i am afraid could it be something with chirrosis? I have read it might happen, hes without stress now that i agreed to split, two weeks ago he was really mad and says that maybe i will be a Window before a divorced, i am really sad, sometimes i just started to cry out of the blue, he is a totally stranger for me, it seems that he doesnt care for anybody in our family including our sons...... I dont really know what to do...... Will he be himself again? Is all on hes liver?

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