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I beat Anxiety

I had Anxiety for about 4 years but I managed to make a full recovery and have been Anxiety free for about 1 year now

with no relapse. How did I manage it ? you may ask. Hopefully my tips will help you as I have been through your illness and come out the other end. There is no simple cure, taking a tablet for a week does not make your Anxiety disappear. You can help yourself and take control. I know it is difficult to think positive when you are feeling so bad with various medical conditions but if you understand Anxiety is a condition of your mind and it is your mind sending you the wrong signals that makes you panic and think you have all sorts of things wrong with you. Be careful when you read about peoples problems as you might believe you have them too. I had to use different techniques. First I bought books and read all about the condition, then sought medical help in the form of medication and CBT. On top of this I used distraction techniques, these really worked so I took up a new hobby, listened to relaxation music and therapy, you can buy these off Amazon. I tried most things including Kalms and relaxing teas, both had no effect.

Things that worked to steer your mind away from thinking doom and gloom help you to overcome anxiety. I went for country walks for example

something that I had never done in the past. And here I am feeling strong and anxiety free once more. If I can help others then please reply. Take care and remember positive thoughts make you feel better, you cannot laugh and feel down at the same time.


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Hi Kevin, thanks for posting your positive story. I am pleased you have overcome this. It's a horrible thing to have on a daily basis.. I was actually ok for a while and then not so great over the past week. I don't do enough to distract my mind.

I'm sure you will get alot of replies/questions relating to your message.

All the best x


Kevin, thank you so much, your words truly spoke to me. I've been struggling for the past 5 months, I hadn't seen my anxiety and panic for the past 3 years, but due to circumstances its been at an alltime high. I am thanfully working through it. I have high hopes in recovery. You inspire me. I also met others on this website that are a true inspiration, so thank you all. Sometimes you guys make me cry, but only because I dont feel so alone anymore with this; a true relief. (=

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Hi Kevin. Did you use any vitamins ? What meds did uou take. I am experiencing panic attacks, which has lead to agarophobia.


Hi No vitamins, I was on Mirtazapin low dosage, however the meds only helped to calm me a little. It takes 2 to 3 months before you notice any difference. I had panic attacks too but distraction and focus on other things is the biggest help..



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