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Just when you thought it could get any worse

So just when I thought headaches for 6 months wasn't enough I randomly develop a full on fever and what feels like a head cold 😖

I rarely get a cold or flu last time I recall it was nearly 2 years ago and they common cold hits me like a train which really sucks

Within 2 hours of having the fever I was hitting it head on with cold and flu tablets, echniea vitamins , honey and lemon, Luke warm baths and some shut eye with symptoms mildy easing

Worst part is it really sets off the good old anxiety thinking that you have some major issue with your health and I can't stand it

Surely someone else here has experienced this and can give me some support and pointers on what to do! My immune system isn't the strongest which isn't a favouring factor in my situation

Hope you're all well

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I was in hospital 2 weeks ago with pains in the chest. Pressing pains on the chest which was apparently what heart pains are like. Everything was checked out but came up all clear. The next day, I develop a chest cold. I was worried too, that perhaps they had missed something. The fact that you have a fever is a good thing. It means your immune system is doing its job. Try to take it easy on the pharmaceuticals and let your body fight this. This is how our immune system builds itself up. You're doing the right things with the honey, echinacea and rest. Hope you recover quickly. I understand your anxiety though, as being unwell does this.

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