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So I know that this is mainly for people in the UK and I am in the States. Well today I took my youngest to his three year wellness appointment and was talking to his doctor about everything that was going on with me and I had mentioned that I was fine besides mild to moderate anxiety which was managable. Then I got strep throat and everything started from there with the bad anxiety attacks and all of that. She just looked at me and said for me to call her Friday. She thinks that I have something called PANDAS from the strep. I have never heard about it but am looking into it. Has anyone heard anything about it?

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I just checked 'the google'. Loads of info online .. Nothing alarming so it's safe to take a look. 😊

Interesting theory so keep us posted. Treatment is therapy and/ or meds.

Good luck!


I have no idea about it. I never really thought much about strep until she said something. This is my fourth time this year with it. And in my journal I keep I was still really sick when all of this started and all the way threw.


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