sad and lost

i dont know how much more i can take i feel like im going crazy with in my own mind and my symptoms between head pressure,head zaps and pain jolts, my ears get sensitive to sound and drive me crazy, the racing thoughts,fears getting dizzy,light headed abd nauseated all time feeling sick and faint i try calling for appt no call back i need some kind of relief


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  • Everytime i feel like I am gonna faint or when the fear or panic hits me, i always drink chamomile tea and it helps me relax. So until you have your appt with ur doctor, try drinking Chamomile tea, it relaxes your mind and its really good. It helped me alot.

    Good luck, I hope you'll feel better

  • Hey hang in there, don't worry you're going to be okay don't give up and don't let this get to you, take this day by day And Try to focus on something else okay

  • Hi. Hang in are not crazy even though you feel that way at times. It helps me to get distracted and interrupt the thoughts/feelings. Watch tv, read a book, do a craft.. Whatever distracts you. This will end and is not forever. Get that appointment. Talk to a supportive friend. These are the things that have helped me. I send you peace.

  • thanks everyone its been a rough few months i go threw gaps of good days and bad and everytime i get more and new symptoms it really gets best of me its all i think about and sometime meds dont work idk its just rough and takes toll on me and older i get i feel its goin effect me physically

  • i been suffering since i was 17 im 31 now

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