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Hi everyone, I have a quick question does anyone here smoke cigarettes and if so how many have tried to quit? I need a quitting partner. And I'm trying to find some good heart health suggestions like food, medicine or anything that helps! Any feedback is welcomed . Hope everyone is having a great day I'm at work as usual and not feeling my best, really would be glad when this day is over with!

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  • Hello :-)

    Well I am a smoker but I still enjoy it , I know terrible thing maybe to say but until I am ready to stop I know it will not work for me because I know how I work :-/

    My friend stopped , she did have several attempts till she succeeded and she went to the Docs and went on one of the medications tablet form , I never thought I would see the day she would stop but that worked for her as well as they have the gum which I tried once and it seemed to burn the back of my throat but there are the patches , well quiet a few things now

    There is a Stopping Smoking Community on here not sure if you have seen it but will put you the link on in case you haven't , good get some really good tips of there as well as maybe someone that is just about to stop and needs a buddy :-)

    Good Luck and let us know how it all goes :-)

    Take Care x

  • I don't want any meds to help quit I wanna go cold turkey 😊 I think the meds will cause serious side effects I don't think my anxiety will like that 😂!! I know cigs does raise the heart level and I have hypertension so it raises my levels significantly! Healthy alternatives are what I'm looking to , so glad your friend quit @bounce and maybe we will too one day lol!!

  • I also smoke and would love to quit. I enjoy smoking but I believe it is ruining my health. Maybe we could stop together. I have severe anxiety and wonder what quitting cold turkey would do to my anxiety.

  • We should try that I think it would be a great idea! Nothing beats a quitting partner that knows what is required 😊 keep in touch let's figure something out!

  • I am so ready to give my cigarettes up. Lets get a plan going, so we can finally get rid of these health hazard addiction.

  • I'm ready too. I'll let you know more when I get off work today!! Have a great one

  • You have a great day also.

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