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Oldie but a newie

Hi everyone,

I used these forums some time ago when my anxiety first started to happen and this place was a god send, unfortunately life got in the way and I didn't use it as often as I did and before long not at all.

My anxiety got loads better but recently it's came back with a vengeance due to everything in my life going wrong at the one time, so for the last few weeks have been debating coming back.

Well I just thought I would introduce myself and hope I can get to know you guys and help out if I can, as I've been where a lot of you have been and can say it can and does get better.

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Hi nice to meet you and hey it'll to away, if it went away once it will again


Thanks Alan.

It's trying to remind yourself that it's just a set back that is the problem lol


I hear you lol but hang in there


Nice to meet you!!

Mine comes and goes as well. I thought i was doing well recently. Then, I suddenly noticed I was jumpy and making a lot of simple mistakes at work. Suddenly, I was pulling over to catch my breath while driving. And finally, yesterday I had a full attack at work that left me in tears the entire day. I completely understand what you're going through!


Nice to meet you as well.

I've had years and years of CBT that's helped me tremendously deal with the Panic Attacks but it's the underlying anxiety that does it for me.

I've had a relationship break down due to my anxiety, lost friends. It hard going the last few months and I'm struggling to see the other side but I'm hoping it's there.

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I'm looking to change therapists. I've seen mine 5 times now and she never takes notes. I've had to retell my trauma story 3 times each time she's shocked. She also forgets what to call me. I'd like to try CBT.

I'm so sorry you're struggling now. I feel like it'll never go away 100%. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember. It does help to know that you can do better. And that there is support and understanding out there. Good luck to you.

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Yes we've all been there the good times and bad I hope ur anxiety doz nt last 2 long it does get better I think it's good 2 stay active and try 2 be positive and I tell everyone do not Google any symtoms u will always find the worst scenirio


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