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Intrusive Thoughts about religion

Hello everyone, Have anyone ever suffering from unwanted thoughts about religion ? For me , I'm Buddhist and I often offend sacred people , things and people who died that I just saw in the news by saying inappropriate words , thinking and imagining about them in bad ways too. I feel like I'm a two different people. Sometimes, I think about them in negatively and sometime I don't. I'm a worrier and scared of everything. I suspect that I have OCD because I always have intrusive thoughts a lot and I can't control those thoughts. I'm so guilty when all of those thoughts pop in my head. I always say to myself that i need to stop thoughts but it didn't work. Everyday I always apology to all of them and asking them for forgive but I still repeat this again and again.

I don't know how long I can live with those thoughts.

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Hi i like you have had this problem, not specific to religion but it got very serious & i did have a crisis when i experienced harm ocd (pure o with no compulsions). Intrusive thoughts can be experienced by anyone with anxiety though. Some characteristics of ocd are how repetetive they are, how distressing & whether or not they impede with u going about ur life. Intrusive thoughts can & will fade but u have to allow them as just thoughts & know they are not real & have no power. Once the anxiety is under control tge thoughts will become less. Fighting them does not work & just know they do not define who u are. Ocd comes in cycles it is not permanent & can get better. You are not crazy or a bad person. You may need meds & cbt/erp (with a good therapist). Citalopram is commonly prescribed for ocd. Hang in there, journal, do yoga, meditate & know that god knows whats in ur heart & who u really are. Im here if u have any questions ir just need to vent..

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Ohh thanks . You mean you have OCD too so how do you cope with it ???


Alot of patience loving myself, praying & meds


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