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Rapture dream

I had 2 dreams last month or earlier than that. The dream started it was sunny and I rushed out side and I seen every one outside looking up I saw people we're ascending.the other dream was I was just calling out my mom and I looked but couldn't find her but in the dream I thought of the rapture and I thought I got left behind....I'm not a prophet just so u know. I had another dream about martial law. And a dream about tsunami it took a while for me to add things up with the help of the most (high) >>GOD.other people this year have been having rapture dreams so I repentance for all my sins think about it it's not a coincidence.

IM NO PROPHET IM MAKING this clearly because GOD did say beware of false prophets

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Very interesting

Is there a reason why all of a sudden you are recalling dreams you had a month ago ?

We all dream and I am not sure if they have meanings but main thing is that they have not caused us anxiety

Hope you have had a good day :-)

Take Care x

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Idk I remember praying for revelations or Ike a message hope your having a good day to


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