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Set Back

I have been doing so good! Until an hour ago I would have considered this my best day in 2 months. Everything was going perfect until I ate! (I have severe food allergies) I bit my check while eating it swelled and then the panic set in... Maybe, I'm allergic to something ( knowing that I wasn't I cooked it) we had plans, my sons girlfriend was with us, half way through I cancelled and had my husband bring us home. I tried to work through it and couldn't. I'm so upset...

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Please do not feel upset you sound like you have done so well today and so one thing went wrong and you are now beating yourself up and forgetting just how well you did the rest of the day !

When we are over coming anxiety we will have up's and downs this is normal

Try and stay focused on all the good today and don't allow the blip to spoil it for you especially when you have done so well :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks! I feel "nervous" today. I was able to relax some in the evening and was able to sleep all night but I'm pretty anxious today. I did come to work (late) it's all about my throat, lips, cheeks, ( mouth overall) it feels swollen or sore... I really thought I was progressing :(


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