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Tight chest

I feel like my chest is bruised? When I breathe in it hurts I'm not really sure how else to explain it, it isn't just on one side it's across the whole of my chest I'm trying not to panic as I've had 3 ECGS done in the past few months, blood tests and a chest x Ray but I just think to myself... What else would give you chest paint ther than something wrong with your heart 🙁

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What else? Anxiety, my friend.

I have the same. I feel my chest tight and pain in my heart. I did loads of tests and the doctor says I have a athletic heart.

When we are anxious, we breathe in a different way. Hyperventilation. Here is the origin of lots of symptoms: increase of the heart rate, numbness, breathless...

But it happens with no control. Unconsciously. It changes the pH of your blood and other symptoms come.

So, anxiety is really powerful!

Most of the patients going the the urgency services in hospitals thinking are having a heart attack actually are having a panic attack.

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Anxiety is honestly one of the worst things I've ever experienced.

I don't notice my breathing changing though? Should I, or can this be done without us even noticing?

I've also just heard some news that's annoyed/upset me and my hands have gone so shaky?? It feels like a mini anxiety attack, can anxiety highlight when you are feeling angry/upset


JLou, I agree with Mariobrazil in that when we are anxious our breathing changes whether we realize it or not. Shallow breathing causes symptoms. The tight chest you are feeling are tight muscles, the pain is most likely nerves irritated by the tightness. As for just hearing some upsetting news and your hands have gone shaky, but of course it will increase your anxiety. You need to find a quiet spot and pull yourself together by doing some deep breathing right now. As for the muscle tightness, you can put some warm towels around your upper back and neck which will help you to relax. Try to remind yourself that this is NOT your heart but anxiety causing you distress. I wish you well as the day goes on, but please know we are all here for you to support and understand. xx


Thankyou both so much :) appreciate the advice x


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