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anxiety slowing coming back , im scared!!

hi guys, iv done so well for the past few months. when i was going through my bad bad bad time i was put on citroplam and started to feel great after a month or so and kept on them until i started getting headaches and everyone said its just your medication. so because i was doing so well and felt ok i came off them hoping the headaches would go but guess what? nope. now im feeling very anxious again about why im getting these headaches for around 2 months now, everyday. scared i have a tumour or something bad. trying so hard to be rational but i cant. i keep creeping into my old ways and panicing. i dont k ow what to do xxxxxx

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Just take it easy and breathe, you don't have a tumour or anything, anxiety is just creeping into your mind and making you panic, may God bless you (: and I hope it goes away and doesn't come back


Hi kylie it's good you've been doing so well so just remember there is always hope just try 2 stay positive and remember that it's the mind that doing the negative things


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