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Sleep deprived and disorganised

Hi, I haven't posted for advice before as I usually just read others posts to get ideas to help me. In my work I have to give a lot of myself and it's getting hard to fit everything in, planning for work and keeping up with jobs at home. I have had trouble sleeping for over 20 years and recently resorted to taking Zopiclone once a week so at least I know I will get one good night. I've suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and worry that I might get worse again if I can't keep up with all that is demanded of me. As a breast cancer survivor, I watch my diet and exercise daily, but I am feeling increasingly stressed and anxious about my ability to cope, and my lack of organisation. What area of my life should I prioritize to start feeling calmer and more in control?

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You have control of your life and how it goes, you can do anything and change everything, its good that you exercise and eat well and I'm happy to hear you survived breast cancer 😊 and you can organize life however you want, you can take stuff out or put stuff in

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