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Vegetarian lifestyle

Good evening everyone..

I have gone vegetarian all too quick but I'm in a week and a half but I started out with out the right information and I feel a little odd since I haven't had meat.. I still have milk and eggs and cheese as I feel that's hard for me to stop first ..

Any way so I have just recently started feeling very tired, lack of motivation, quite parched pretty quickly, and a lot of anxiety I had a bad attack last night I just wanna know if this is iron difficency and with out eating meat how can I quickly regain strength

I know what I gave to eat now but I don't think it will get my blood cells if this is what is wrong back up and running properly I am broke so I cannot get iron supplement pills

Please help me out I'm a little scared as to what is going on with my body.

The first two days of vegetarian lifestyle I'd goto bed starving and wake up hungry since I used to eat meat constantly

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Hi Kevo,

I've never done the switch to Vegetarianism (kudos you you for that) but I've tried a few diets in the past (Atkins/Paleo/All that jazz) and what I can say is any of those sudden diet change has had had a similar trigger effect with me in the past. I would say play it on a day by day basis but if it's the attacks it's triggering get too bad don't be too hard on yourself. And the best person to help is probably your medical team if you're worried.

All the best and good luck



I took iron supplements and seen to be back in action I also drank tons of water which clearly helped a heaps amount but I wonder if being vegetarian makes you dehydrate faster I also jumped the gun with out doing research to the max so,that didn't help


Hi kevoreally, I agree with pasta in that you may need a medical team to support going vegetarian. You need a meat substitute which exists but can be costly. I have 2 vegetarian days a week to cut down on fats and provide healthier meals. It's delicious and doesn't interfere with my body chemistry. Everything in moderation is probably the key for you. Take smaller steps in switching over. Good Luck...


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