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Arguing about anxiety again

Me and my boyfriend had plans tonight that I was quite looking forward to and he basically cancelled. I was a bit upset but I didn't say anything to him and now he's just had a go at me saying that I go really horrible with him and that he can't talk to me and be with me 24/7 :( he's made me feel like crap. I feel like my anxiety is a burden anyway and he knows that I hate feeling like that and the fact he's just said this has really upset me. I never ask him to talk to me all day and I'm really not a clingy girlfriend I don't know why he's just said all this. Am I wrong in being upset and angry. I feel so confused my heads a mess

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I can see your post was 6 days ago and you may have resolved this by now , I hope so :-)

When people are angry or upset we all say things that hurt and sounds like your BF was doing just that but deep down he no doubt won't mean it and because we have anxiety we are very sensitive so any comments we take really to heart

But no you are allowed to have your feelings and if this hurt and upset you then you do not have to question if yo should feel this way , that is the anxiety that makes us question everything

I hope you have moved on from the upset and are now back on track hopefully having had a chance to talk with him :-)

Also one tip , do remember and I hope I don't get all the men shouting at me with this last bit but men are not known as always been very good with words :-D

Take Care x


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