Throwing up please help

This isn't really much of an anxiety related question but anyway. My stomach doesn't really tolerate energy drinks well and I had one today and I've been throwing up since 10pm. Got a stomach pain and just feel nauseas. anyway I threw up about 4 times now and I have nothing to throw up anymore and I just now threw up with a bit of blood not a lot just a small amount and I was just wondering if I should call an ambulance or should I not worry coz it's possible that the blood just came from my esophagus from being irritated as I threw up so much. My heart is also pounding but I think that's coz of me being anxious atm


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  • Have you thrown up since? It sounds like your stomach just doesnt tolerate energy drinks. If you puke blood again you should go to the ER just to be safe. (:

  • Yeah I'm still throwing up. Called 111 I dunno where you from but in England you call that when you need immediate doctor consultation instead of calling 999 as its not an urgent emergency and I'm waiting for a call back now from a doctor and I'm gonna see what he says

  • I wanted to leave this one for someone with more experience to reply, but since it seems quite urgent, I think it sounds like you should go to the hospital or at least call them and tell them what's happening. A hospital stay + ambulance costs a fortune in my country, so if it were me I would call them first and maybe take a taxi to the emergency room =(

  • In England we can call 111 which isn't for urgent help and now I'm just waiting for a call back from the doctor so he can see what it could be and advise me on either to go to hospital or see my doctor

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