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In need of some help

I my name is shenelle i had my baby on d 14 of this month after giving brith to i get this feeling like i was going to die and am still getthing that feeling i have been in and out of hospital and nun seem to be wrong i dont have no feeling to eat i cant sleep when baby is sleeping in the day when i do fall to sleep in the night i get 4:30 every morning and cant go back to sleep after that could this be anxitey

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Just take it easy 😊 and yes it's probably anxiety that you're feeling, its maybe an irrational fear you're having after giving fear 


Shenelle,  after giving birth , your hormones are all over the place!!  You days and nights run all together . Is this your first baby ?  Your whole body is adjusting back .   Talk to doc if don't settle down 😘😘

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Shenelle, congratulations on the birth of your baby, a wonderful event, but traumatic none the less. Your body needs time to reajust, and will settle down, it time. Please don't try to think about or worry about the way you feel, it just puts more anxiety on you mind and body. Enjoy your little one and let the healing begin. x


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