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Sick for a month. Going crazy

It started with a sore throat month ago I've had numerous strep tests.. the past my doctor said my tonsils need to come out but I've seen four different ENTS and they say they don't see much. But I'm in pain. Can't function. It's not in my head. Right sided tonsil throat pain and I feel like crap. Been on diflucan nystatin for possible yeast. Claritin now and flonase. I'm going on a trip in 2 days. I'm extremely terrified that I'll get worse and can't do anything about it. It's a cruise which I don't want to go on now but wife and daughter would kill me. I always have vacation anxiety but I'm really scared. Don't know what to do. Sounds stupid but a month already cmon. Last year I went in cruise and weeks before had stomach issues. Wife says I always do this but I don't know what to think. I don't feel well but I'm wondering what to do. And how much is actually physical and how much is mental. 

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i had this for months started to get scared even started thinking i had hiv because everything i typed in on google cane back with strep, etc etc aids!! i was freaked out. so i constantly went to the doctors who kept putting it down to me imagining it because i was anxious which made me even worse . so i forced the doctor to take me seeious and check my throat which they kept saying was just inflamed then one doctor looked in my ear and told me i had fluid build up behind my eardrum which was bloxking my eustacian tube to my throat. gave me some steroid nose stuff and within a week i was fine. after so many mo tha of a sorr throat. ask them to check your ears its all linked x


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