Stay positive 😊

Goodnight to everyone, I want to wish everyone a peaceful, wonderful and blessed sleep, I hope you all get better and you're all in my prayers, I know it's not easy and its a daily battle but hang in there, we're in this together and I'm here to support and encourage all of you and I'm happy I found this supportive forum 😊 may God bless you all ❤

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  • Thank you Alan.   Goodnight to you too.   zzzzz

  • Thank you Allen.. sleep well...:) x

  • Morning, you are right we all our in this together. Thank you for your positive attitude😊

  • Cheers mate, hope you got a great rest. 

  • Thank you for your prayers.  Yes, it is difficult having to live this way, but every night when I shut my eyes and put my head on my pillow I say to myself   " I will wake up and feel better tomorrow "   I never lose hope and the times my hope had slipped a bit I woke up feeling so much worse,  Staying positive makes a huge difference and leaning on God for me does too.    

  • Good morning.  I just read wonderful of you.  I have been struggling lately with this surreal feeling...more than ever.  I don't even know what is causing this because now I am not so anxious.  My body is tense because of the way I feel. I've had check ups, bloodwork, etc.  All good.  I know this...that God is in charge so I live what appears to be a normal life. I have a doctor appointment next week.  It's hard to share how I feel with family and friends.  So I talk to you guys and to God. Thanks again. Much love.

  • Nice to meet you ! And no need thank me, I just want to pass support and encouragement on to others 😊 but I pray you feel better and that you know we're all here for you and let us know what the doctor says and remember stay positive and take care 

  • I am feeling better.  All my tests are normal so I know it's my thinking. I am going to try to let God show me how to not become tense and anxious. 

  • Good to know and I'm happy for you ! And I'm glad you are, may God bless you ❤

  • May God bless you too. Good night.

  • Good night and dream with God's angels tonight 😊

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