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Im new to this group but i have been suffering with anxiety for 10 the last 3 weeks it has been completely horrible..i also suffer from health anxiety..i always feel like something is wrong..if i get a headache its automatic brain tumor..if my chest hurts im having a heart attack..its not fun at all living with this...i started seeing a therapist and she diagnosed me with ptsd..i take 50 mg of zoloft..have been for 6 years..lately though its all htting me at once...dizzy feeling, nauseous, uneasy, and feel all weird all the time..its really hard to go day to day with this and not think something isnt wrong..does anyone deal with this with there anxiety and is it normal anxiety stuff..i guess im just looking for sone reassurance that im not the only one that feels like this like 24/7...anything helps..thank you in advance!!!!!


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  • No I are not alone I have those thoughts and my worse enemy is Google and it's so hard for me to stop I always think I have the worse hang in there this is a good place to vent 

  • You're not alone now, welcome to the forum and trust me this really does help 😊 I hope you get better and I pray you do but I am sorry you've been suffering this way and just know we're all here for you 

  • Thank you guys so really helps when you know ur not crazy and other people know what ur going through cuz they been through it to

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