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Can Anxiety mess with EkG

I also suffer when I am alone thoughts of fainting heart attack etc ans there is no one around to help, Let me tel u what day I have been having, I had a panic attack on my way to work today heart rate 100 to 115 just keeps pounding, I felt so weak an diZy ( slept 2 hours last night) due to panic and jolting awake as I fall asleep, I had a ambulance come and they did the 12 or so plug EKG I did not tel them that I suffer from panic, then he tells me he sees stuff thats not to concerning but that he wil advise I go to hospital, so as I am CAN absolutly not leave work to much responsibilities I got up an walked back in to work, I had massive panic thight chest and can I tell u there worst doom feelings, I had a couple of ekgs in the past 3 years never seem to have a problem but after what he told me I was a complete mess, as I am typing know I iam scared tender chest muscles, I am so tired but cant sleep, I have also googles every thing possible and makes it worse, I have a heart rate app on my phone that I hate but still use it and it provokes everything, Could my anxiety be messing with EKG 

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Sorry need to add my heart rate was above 100 the entire day until I came home and layed down its dropped to 85 ish, I have had bloodwork done everything exept xrays, I am on the verge of giving up, its been 3 or 4 years


Yes anxiety can mess with the readings this happened to me many years ago I was having severe panic and called an ambulance as my biggest fear is my heart racing fast, they did am ecg in the ambulance and told me they could see ectopic beats I was so scared thinking yep there's something wrong I'm going to die but then he told me this is very common and not at all dangerous I guess the paramedics you saw just want to rule anything out more than anything,  I would t worry if it was something very serious they would have told you to be seen asap and I still get these ectopic beats even now but I really don't worry anymore I worry more over the fast heart rate I have that's what scares me to bits 😨


Ucan tell from panic and heart symptoms from ecg he cud of seen the panic cumin up 


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