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Just a little scare

Good morning to everyone, I wish you all a great day and for all of you to be at ease and peace today, I want you all to be happy and awesome 😊 I been feeling better and my anxiety has gone down but I am just a bit scared of me going back into that state again, I'm sure I won't but it is scary but anyways best wishes to all of you and we're in this together ❤

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Hello Alan 

Nice post wishing everyone well :-)

I am so pleased that you are feeling a lot better that is wonderful news !

That is the anxiety there trying to dampen how you feel with the " what if's "

Stay in the day and enjoy how you feel at the moment , face tomorrow when it comes and just take it a day at a time :-)

Take Care x

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Hi Bounce

Yes, I just want to see people happy 😊

Thank you for the encouragement and you're right one day at a time, I hope you feel better as well ! I'm glad to have met you 

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Good morning Alan ☺

Great to know that you've been feeling better! 

In terms of your concerns, they're understandable. It's very common for folks who suffer from anxiety related disorders to think and feel the way you currently are. 

What I need you to remember and know that thinking along those lines can sometimes turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. So then, actively challenge those thoughts as and when they arise and then get on with your day. Having said that, please don't dwell on those thoughts okay? Acknowledge that you're having them but then also acknowledge that you've gotten through some difficult times as well, so well done!

From time-to-time you may have a se-back, but equally, you might not. Pin-point your triggers, know and understand them well. Ditto in terms of negative thought patterns no matter how small. Learn from the past Alan and use your knowledge to prevent future occurrences ... should they occur.

Arm yourself with all resources open to you including the folks here on this forum. The more you face your fears and mentally stare them down - so to speak - over time, the less power and influence they will have over you.

You've been a terrific support to people here! What you now need to do is turn some of that wealth of caring you have inward, and start caring for yorself - and oh yeah, spoiling yourself as well. Why? Because you deserve it and you have a fundamental right to be healthy and happy. 

IF, IF by chance you find yourself in need of a little assurance, then jump on-line and post here k?

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed day.✌

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