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Bleed on the brain

I know I shouldn't be I'm really worried I've had a bleed on the brain.

On Wednesday I had a funny turn at work where it felt like someone was squeezing my brain and I felt like I was going to faint. Since then I've felt so sick and off balance!and I've had the odd headache...I had an MRI scan of my brain back in januray... But is it possible that "squeeze" was a bleed. I'm scaring myself half to death!

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I don't know what to tell you but just you know relax and calm yourself, don't worry too much and if you are wondering, then maybe go to a doctor to relief yourself of your worries (: 


If you had suffered a bleed on Wednesday you would have been in the hospital on Wednesday, trust me you are ok a bleed is very serious and you wouldn't be walking and talking or being able to write to us on hear, it's just anxiety Hun you are ok xx


I just feel so sick all the time :( 


If you have had an MRI scan , not only can it show if you have had a bleed it can show if anything is going on that would lead to a problem in the near future.So it is safer to assume that you don't have anything physically going on.Try to accept this could be due to a type of migraine.Unfortunately not all migraines are the same in cause and effect.You can experience many types of headache, one sided , cluster, like a band is tied round etc.You can have fleeting migraines which last a few minutes to several hours and sometimes several days.These can give rise to nausea dizziness ,numbness in the face and feelings of impending doom.Prostaglandins are a common culprit and it is believed these rise in women during their monthly cycle as well as all people when trapped in a cycle of stress.

They are usually "triggered" by a low threshold to pressure,of poor health, a recent sinus infection, bad teeth, eye strain, watching television too much , or even food name a few.

You have more than one way of approaching this.You can listen to some who just say learn to relax and hope that is enough to put things on an even keel ..OR..understand this probably due to migraine and take steps to reduce their frequency.

You can put your mind at ease by starting to rule out any causes and effect within your life style.

Could it be you need to look at you diet and reduce caffiene from coffee tea and chocolate...You  would benefit by bringing stress levels down through daily relaxation and calming scenarios such as low lighting in a room free from noise and traffic.

Have a daily "quiet time" and learn to let go.

Take A painkiller during an episode to see if this actually reduces the symptoms.keep a diary to see if this occurs at certain times such as after you wake up after eating or watching tv etc.

If you are still having these attacks after a month then make another follow up appointment to reassure yourself.

I wish you well and hope this advice is useful to you...and sent with Kind Wishes.

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Thankyou so much for your information. Apparently I suffer from health anxiety so every little pain I really do worry myself. I will just try and keep positive 

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