I cannot handle arguments and stress

Whenever I get in an argument with anybody or even just a stressful situation I feel like I am going to die for DAYS afterward or until we make up. I recently got into a fight with my best friend and today I am so dissociated, cannot think, all of my muscles are tensed up and my heart is beating sooo fast. I'm trying to meditate and calm down but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not even thinking about the argument! 


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2 Replies

  • It affects me like that too, if I argue with someone I immediately feel like I going do collapse and die, I try so hard to avoid any kind of stress my body really can't deal with it 😖 

  • When anxiety has reached its peak its hard to handle pretty much anything be it extra responsibility, decisions, conflict, feelings and even intimacy. Avoid it at all costs until u feel stronger and more confident to deal with it. I even had to detach from toxic friendships where all my friends did was dump on me about their negativity. Protect ur mind

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