I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll do it anyway.

I have been feeling extremely stressed recently which is causing me to pull my hair out. I have had trichotillomania since 2014, when I was 13, and I went through phases of pulling my hair out then stopping and only pulling a couple of strands per week or day, but then it would get bad again. I ended up with huge noticable bald patches which haven't fully grown back. When I had an eating problem I stopped pulling almost completely, but now that I am eating properly my trich has come back. I have pulled out a LOT of my eyelashes and have to cover it with thick eyeliner so you don't notice. I don't know what to do. I keep pulling more and more hair out even though I cut my nails so I couldn't do it as easily. It's not that clear in the photo but it gives you an idea of my eyelash pulling.

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  • I have a friend that when he is watching Tv he pulls his hair out and rolls it up, he suffers from anxiety and says he doesn't even know he is doing it,

  • I do it without realising too. It's very annoying as I feel really insecure and guilty

  • I'm not sure what he does or if he takes anything, I can find out if u like Hun

  • Yes please! That would be interesting.

  • No problem will let you know

  • Yes I have literally pulled chunks of my hair out when stressed. I did it the other week for the first time in ages following an argument with my ex which brought it on. I have OCD ADHD ptsd & depression. I used to pull my eyelashes out as a child. I think you can get it with certain mental issues as I mentioned. I also have had skin picking before. I have to avoid arguments that are really bad cos it brings it on.

  • I used to do it as a child too (when I was 7 or 8). I'm sorry to hear you have the same problem.

  • I've seen your other posts - do you think it's a coping mechanism for your PTSD? whatever your traumatic event was could easily trigger emotional stress. could you speak to your parents or siblings about what happened and get a doctor's appointment/therapist?

  • There is a stress programme on BBC now if you live in U.K.

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