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do I actually have anxiety?

I've been through a tough week of (final) exams.  even when I don't understand the question and get stuck, I don't get stressed, I'm just super mellow as if I have zero feelings and I totally do not react.  what I do notice is that I have to press on my forehead or pinch my left eyebrow (subsequently closing the eye) so I can concentrate.  I will also get a mild headache (15-20% severity) on my forehead and the right side of the forehead may get a little tight (5-10% severity).

I still get nervous/anxious depending on the position I am in. i do not get nervous/anxious when I'm out in a crowd or anything though. 

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Taking exams can be an anxious time for most and some do get anxiety symptoms like you describe but once your exams are finished as long as your anxiety goes then once you give your body a chance to relax again I would not worry , if it continues and you find you are still anxious after a reasonable period of time after your exams then you might want to speak with your Doctor about how you feel 

I hope you find it all settles though and I hope all the hard work you have put in to your exams and the anxiety it has caused you again hoping this is temporary that you will get some good marks and life will seem more enjoyable :-)

Take Care x 


I hope so too! Thank you again

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