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Newbie alert!

Hey guys how's it going?

I have recently fallen victim to relapsing in regards to my black dog - anxiety.

Suffered with it alone for almost 3 years before I sought help. It seemed to dissipate over time and went away completely. Until about a month ago when it returned in its ten fold! Been experiencing new symptoms that I never had before which is making it all the more scarier.

Decided to sign up here to reach out to others experiencing the same issues as myself.

Looking forward to speaking with you all :)

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Nice to meet you :-)

I am sorry you have had a set back with your anxiety , has anything changed that could have brought it on or have you stopped doing something that was helping ?

As you have recovered and been anxiety free you know you can work through this and will do and it is good that you have found somewhere to chat to others about how you feel and helping others with how they feel to :-)

Take Care x 


Hey Bounce,

I'm going through a very stressful time doing a master degree. Pretty much working constantly. Sat down to get some work done one night and just had a panic attack out of nowhere.

This panic attack had me in a depersonalised state for about a month or so afterwards which made me highly anxious and depressed. I was slightly obsessed with this however, obsession has now moved onto something new which is blinking. I notice it all day, everyday and worry that I won't be able to stop noticing it.

Anywho, I have had past obsessions and know that I have overcome them previously. So hopefully I will get over this one too. 

Thanks for the reply and yor kind words X 

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Welcome to this wonderful and very supportive forum! We are all here to help each other, we are all going through similar if not the same things and it's so comforting to know we are not alone with our anxiety and we will get through the dark days together. Just post if you need a chat or anything. Welcome!

Amanda x

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Thanks Amanda, means a lot X 


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