Anxiety on high alert 😔

Hello everyone, I get getting aches & pains randomly all day long. My left arm goes numb here & there. Although I've been diagnosed with anxiety anytime I get a symptom of any kind my mind goes into panic mode. I woke up at 3am last night had this fluttering feeling in my stomach & that kept me up until 5am. This is a viscous cycle. I recently found out my grandmother suffered anxiety to the point she had to check herself into a mental hospital. She did get it under control also my father has it to. So it's definitely hereditary unfortunately. Has anyone ever experienced fluttering in their stomach area below your chest is where mines is. Now this is a new symptom & it's really noticeable & tends to start always when I'm sitting down or relaxing. Just would like some input please.


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4 Replies

  • Hi Mloanddb, the fluttering feeling in your stomach is not harmful but really annoying. It comes from the solar plexus, the stomach area below your chest. It's where a complex of nerves from the sympathetic system are. When the adrenaline or cortisol rises, it stimulates these nerve endings causing the "butterfly feeling". If you can try not to focus on it you may be able to deep breath it away and fall back to sleep, but it takes some practice. Feel better.

  • Thank you I do appreciate your comment. I've been trying to ignore it. It's been going on now almost every single day for a month. But not all day just at random times. 😒

  • Try years..... every morning it's there to greet me. I've become so numb to it now that it is slowly fading away. Take care x

  • You also 😊

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