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Does she needs a psychiatrist..or these are just her fantasies?

This is going to be a little longer...but please go through it. All kind suggestions are welcome.

I have a friend, very talkative and cheerful. We share a good bond. Meanwhile...she shared this issue.

The whole time, she have a habit of thinking about the things that could happen in her life or the things she wants to see happening. Even if she is busy in doing something...these things are going on in her mind. She totally immersed in this world...especially when she is alone.

And now she is badly worried! Because, she is trying to get rid off these thoughts but can't do it. It has become a part of her life. And she thinks that it is affecting her personal life and her career.

I really want to help her...but I don't know how. Should I advice her to go to a psychiatrist? Or...these are just her fantasies?

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If what you're saying is she's obsessing over things that could happen but hasn't been proven to happen and not living know the moment anymore and she's not having attacks then she in my opinion who has horrible anxiety doesn't need medication (yet)  unless it gets to the point she does start having attacks and her behavior needs to be modified chemically. What it sounds to me is she needs someone to talk to that's trained to teach her and convince her that things aren't going to happen and live in the moment. I used to think I was always going to get in a car accident unless I were driving but when you have a therapist (which what I would suggest) show you statistics actual proof it's kind of hard to argue.  It doesn't make it poof go away but it's a start to breathe and start to learn to let the thoughts go. Therapy may just be a temporary thing just to get her through this something may of even triggered this for her she'll need to talk to someone licensed to get to the bottom of it to heal.  You're a good friend.  But a psychiatrist is isn't necessary unless the therapist finds something out that may need to be treated. Good luck! I'd also lead with explaining why you're suggesting it so she doesn't feel like something's wrong with her.  Everyone needs someone to talk to every now and then. 

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I think fantasies are harmless as long as they are not causing any harm to you or others but sounds like they are causing your friend some distress so I would maybe suggest if this is the case that she speaks to her Doctor in a very sensitive way 

When someone has a problem they firstly have to recognize something is wrong and secondly they have then got to want help , unless they want both of these things it can be very hard to help someone so that is also something to bear in mind and not to let it drag you down but be there if she needs a listening ear 

You could point your friend towards these support sites and see if she gets anything or relates to others with anxiety issues that could be another way to start things of but good luck and I hope your friend gets the help and support she needs :-)

Take Care x  


Well  a nice fantasy would be a daydream which is actually healthy as long as it don't' distract you from important things you gotta do. I'm creative and daydreams can help with that cos you get your ideas from them. But if it's something negative like intrusive thoughts they are entirely different. I have OCD and i can get intrusive thoughts at random and some are actually quite  scary. If that is the kinda thing she is talking about then I think she needs to see a Doctor perhaps to see if she has got OCD or something that makes you focus too much on the thoughts. There is also a possibility she could have ADHD which I also have and that can make it hard to focus also. I think your friend could do no worse than to see her Doctor and maybe get referral for psych test just to rule it out to  be honest.Or you could find some online tests to see if she don't want to see her Doctor.Hope that helps

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