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Can not lay down stomack has massve pressure, My heart pounds in my stomach

 my heart races at 90 to 110 when this happens, I have to turm or sit up and 90% I have to burp or worse☺️ , if i try and take a day nap etc cause I only fall asleep if tv is on, and I pass alot of gas and that happens at 2 To 4 am in the morning, day napping is impossible as I enter the stage of sleep I will jolt awake gasping for air, this happens 3 to 4 times a night, I am 31 slender and not very unfit, play sports 1s a week where I also get dizzy and afraid, Feels like ai am dying, paramedics did EKG blood pressure etc said I am fine, please help

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I know anxiety can make us feel un well , it can make us dizzy and it can also cause digestive problems that can result in trapped gas causing the need to burp 

I know you have been to emergency over your problems and it is reassuring they gave you the all clear but even if you have already I would go and speak to my Doctor about this , not because that means it will be anything serious but maybe they could give you something to help or talk through with you what is making you feel so bad and maybe refer you for some Counselling as well as reassuring you physically you are fine :-)

Take Care x

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