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Health anxiety cant sleep going on 8 years first time on a blog

So this is my first time posting online with anxiety issuses, I am 31 and have massive health anxiety I have had numerous EKG"s which always comes back negative and the. i still dont believe the machines and doctors I have 4 sets of anxiety medication that are diffent types of anxiety medication which makes me doubt the accuracy and treatment plans they have for me, I get very fearfull in cars, have been in 3 car accidents....I have a very stresless job but traveling to it gives me panic attacks every day, Cant even drive to shops 1km from my house, If i am alone at home and wife am kids not there I cant even lock the doors fearing no one would be able to get to me when I have a heart attack etc, even as I am typing this getting pains on my left side of chest on and off in 3 to 4 second bursts, I get very gassy especially at night laying down, This is ruining my life amd at a point where every 1 I can talk to just brushed me asside as they are sick and tired of this

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I am so sorry. I hope you can find some help.


Hello & Welcome :-)

I think first men may find it harder to open up about how they feel and so pleased you have even though so far I know you must be feeling no one understands or there is no support but by joining this community you will always have someone that will understand and even if we don't always have the answers we are very good at listening and can relate as we have all been there or going through how you feel 

Seems like several medications is quiet a bit , are you taking them do you find it helps ?

Maybe some kind of therapy to get to the bottom of your fears which is creating the anxiety and teaching you different methods oh how to change your thinking would possibly help more , has your Doctor ever offered you this ?

Are you happy with the care your Doctor is giving you , you could always speak to another Doctor in the same surgery sometimes one Doctor can be more understanding than another or you could even tell your Doctor you don't want so many tablets , why so many and can they just prescribe one rather than several 

We do have a right to say what we would like to help us with this anxiety , I know we don't always think we should , I think we can feel like we should be grateful that the Doctor is seeing us but remember it is their job and they do get paid so speak out on your next appointment :-)

Well after 3 car accidents I am not surprised you have anxiety in a car who wouldn't ?

Can you get to work any other way other than driving ?

Again therapy would be really useful to help you overcome the fear 

With Health anxiety no matter how many tests we have , how many times we are told there is nothing wrong our anxiety will always tell us otherwise and that I think is what is happening to you again therapy would help you work through this

Your family and friends , they maybe sick and tired of your anxiety but that is because they may not understand it or know how to help but they won't be sick and tired of you they just will not know what they can do to help and sometimes when I have tried to imagine what it must be like to live with someone with anxiety it must be quiet hard as when I have listened  to myself going on over the years  I have thought gosh I would not know how to answer me and would get frustrated if I had to listen to me and only when you have suffered can you really understand as this is an illness that only the sufferer can feel and as it cannot be seen it must be hard for others to know just how bad this can be but at the same time it can and does get better 

Keep coming on and talking to others in a small way finding you are not alone :-)

Take Care x


Hi, I just joined this site and I have never posted on a website about my anxiety disorder. I'm 22 but I've been living my whole life with anxiety. I mean, since 5 years old, I've been seeing a therapist. With all these years of therapy, I've learned all the coping mechanisms. I find that if I try to eat healthy and work out, I'm able to comfort myself when I get arrhythmias or shooting or burning throughout my chest, I'm able to believe I'm healthy and young (like you at 30) so there is no reason for me to believe this (stroke heart attack abnormal attack etc.) is happening to me--but logic doesn't help right? I can tell you that therapy once a week has done WONDERS. I love it and look forward to it. I've recently started seeking prescriptions so we'll see how that goes, but I have a tablet of clonazepam, and vistaril for when an anxiety attack hits me. It has worked WONDERS. I didn't start that until I was 20 and it became too much. The medication has made it easier for me to be who I'm supposed to be. Reading what you're saying makes me feel comforted because I have the same fears as you, and similar if not the same experiences as you. This assures me that this is anxiety and not some death situation. I don't know if any of this is helping, you're the first person with anxiety I've responded to--or first person in general-- but I hope we can figure this out together. You're not alone. Thanks for sharing this because I don't feel so hopeless or alone anymore. There really are others, and this really is normal for people like myself with anxiety... <3


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