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Relapse of panic and anxiety

Hey all,

I'm new to this or any chat group about panic so I'm not sure how this all works but I was just looking for some validation about my symptoms and meds. Ok here goes, I'm 37 and finishing my last semester of nursing school, I graduate in May. I suffered from panic attacks when I was in my 20's before I graduated from college. I can't quite remember all the details but I do remember the panicky feelings. Since then I've had panic attacks now and than but they have always been single incidents. For the last year or so I was taking 10mg of celexa every 4 days which I know was not doing anything but just trying to ween off. I had a script for .5 mg of Xanax filled in July so I rarely needed them about 4 wks ago I had a full blown panic attack I popped a Xanax and although it felt like hell I made it through my day, I saw my PCP and he said I should start taking 10mg celexa every day and the 0.5mg Xanax every 6 hrs when needed. It's been about 3 and 1/2 weeks on celexa and I'm having breakthrough panic and the Xanax isn't helping anymore, I used to be able to take a Xanax and immediately feel better. The symptoms that have been the most upsetting are the foggy, de realization and the weird tunnel vision. I had a physical in July and everything is totally normal. I know it takes 4-6 wks for the celexa to kick in but unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time since graduation is around the corner, I also am experiencing some agoraphobia but making myself do the things that need to be done but feel awful while in class or at the hospital. Anyone have any advice and or medication advice? 

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Hi. Get yourself a multivitamin and a b complex and take them every night before bed try to do this adapt you might start feeling better in time for graduation sometimes deficiencies can cause anxiety to return ..  You said you were fine for a while right?  Make sure to tell your pop your taking vitamins.  Also get Cammomile tea and drink every night before bed.  Feel better.  Try this it will help.


I meant pop doctor. 


PCP Doctor


I have taken a couple different ends but they do not really give a lot of relief.  I also take a magnesium which is good for anxiety.  I do exercise on my treadmill and do water aerobics 3 x week, deep breathing......4 in hold for 4 exhale for 4, pray and do a lot of talking to myself.  Hope that helps some for y ou.   Keep your chin. Up and fight!


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