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I wanted to tell others what I was doing in my diet because I believe that it has relieved my anxiety attacks! I did research on a high alkaline diet and for a week I have stuck to it. No sugar, no caffeine, lots of fresh veggies and fruit with some fish. I also switched my water intake to a water that was high in ph value. I eliminated artificial sweeteners too! I lost ten pounds the first week...and for two straight days I have felt myself again. Just wanted to put that out there if anyone wants to try it. 

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  • Great advice I think I'm a sugar addict I seem to always reach for it when I feel like crap also I think I'm emotional eating now. I'm going to try your suggestions :)

  • Kimberly,  that sounds good.  It shows you that diet has a lot to do with our anxiety levels.     No Sugar is going to be the hardest for me.  x

  • It does sound good! I just apparently LOVE sugar! So I hope I can give this a try! Thanks!!!😊

  • I love sugar! I craved it, but now I don't even want it. It was my sons birthday couple days ago and I didn't even tempt to get a piece of cake.  But you can have raw honey! And I love that in my hot tea! Maybe give it a try....and don't forget that two teaspoons Bragg vinegar with water. Calms the nerves naturally. Within two days you will be amazed....now I did quit smoking, so I do have the withdraws of that but at least the anxiety is gone! I was freaking out....thinking every little ache I was going to die...even went to Emergency room twice ☹ i will let you all know how it goes....I am sticking with this as long as I can. I want to be healed without being drugged! I always read the side effects on drugs and end up throwing them away 😏

  • I will try this thanx for the diet tips

  • Please try it....feel great again today! I think I am finally getting a hold of this...maybe are bodies are telling us that we are missing certain vitamins and minerals. I know my blood work came back and I was deficient in vit B 12. I am keeping a journal on everything. I will let everyone know how it goes. 

  • I do believe sugar plays a part in anxiety levels. I love sugar, and would take 3 or 4 teaspoons in my tea.also take biscuits or a bar after dinner..now I have cut way back..1 teaspoon in my tea, and 1 biscuit ,I have noticed I am calmer,still have anxiety,but really noticed the difference...xx

  • What do you eat in a daily basis? I would love to try this.

  • Organic oatmeal, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, new potatoes the very small ones, onion, garlic, fish, gluten free bread, almonds, walnuts, raw honey, lots of herbal tea no caffeine I have a list I will try to take a picture and upload it. Also I have started doing coffee enemas with organic coffee to detox....I was able to clean for 3 hours today without stopping... I feel so good. 

  • Sorry not walnuts ☹

  • Hi what level is a high ph water please?  The highest I saw in the shop was 7.8 which from distant memory of school is barely alkaline nearly neutral. Which water should I be looking for  


  • Where do you live? I get 9.5ph in the US

  • UK. The ones I got this week were 6.1 and not very nice. 

  • That stinks! I am sure that they have something higher. 

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