I have a doctor appointment in a half hour. Things seem to be getting worse. On the verge of crying everyday. I'm so down and I have great support and feel safe at home. I have this constent "what if something is going to happen to you?" I had a cat scan a few months ago and they said it was fine. I'm scared at night time and I wake up with the same feelings which make me anxious for the day.


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  • Hi Maddz18,   let us know how you made out at the doctors.  Wishing you well.  xx

  • Hi they put me on citalopram 

  • Oh that's good Maddz.  There are times we all need something.  I am on Lexapro myself, which is like Celexa (what you were given).  I hope you will do well on it.  Just be patient, it takes a little time to reach the therapeutic dosage in your body.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised how it will calm those scared feeling and crying.  My best  xx


  • Thank you so much! Hope you are doing well too! 

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