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Here we go again 😢😢😢😢😟😟😟😟

Had a great day yesterday.... spent the glorious day in garden.... slept well. Up this morning..all ok. Now I've hit a brick wall. Getting face feels mouth is dry...throat feels tight and dry ....tongue feels swollen....obviously it's not but it's all causing severe anxiety.  Trembling as I write this..... 

Anyone help ?

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That's typical anxiety Hun it lets you feel good then takes you off your feet again it's horrible to live with I've had a good couple of days then yesterday was bad again feeling light headed not with it woke up panicky this morning so I've gotta fight it once again it's not nice I hope we can start feeling ourselves again soon 


Oh wouldn't it be great to be "us" again xxxx 

Thanks guys xx 

Laura x 


Hang in there I have plenty of those on and off days remember its anxiety I know easier say than done take care xo


Hello Mrs Bob 

Sorry to hear you have had a moment this morning but see it as that if you can anxiety crept in when you were not prepared but you will throw it back out and the sun is shining ( well it is here lol ) and you can start the day again anytime you want and let anxiety know you won't let it be a part of it ( I know easier said than done sometimes ) but it is a positive that you do recognize it is anxiety 

Take Care x 

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