Insomnia Sucks

Insomnia  Sucks

Hi everyone, I was just wondering how many people have severe insomnia.  There are many a times where it is 3/4 am and I am still wide awake!!!  My body is tired and I want to go to sleep, but I can't!  It's like I cant shut my mind off.  Then when I finally do fall asleep, I am easily awaken by the slightest thing.  I sooo desire to get some deep refreshing sleep.  Any how,  Good night everyone.  Sleep well and Sweet dreams.

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  • Last night was like this for me, I suffer from Health Anxiety, some nights are better then others. I use the law of attraction to help me, also I going to a buddha monastery, helps me too

  • Hi cheito. Welcome to the heath anxiety forum. We are pleased to have you join us. I have really bad health anxiety. I always think I am dying. The most bothersome symptom for me is the feeling I am not getting enough air and my when my pulse gets really high. I really need to start doing yoga again. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with even the littlest thing. But you know what seems to help me and calm me down, even if it is just slightly? I tell my self over and over that this life is temporary and heaven is FOREVER. May our heavenly Father bless you and shower you with peace.

  • WOW! I feel the same way! I really thought I was the only one, and I was crazy! Today Im having a good day, thank god!

  • I so understand, I'm lucky if I sleep two hours at a time....Sometimes I pray to sleep at least 4 hours, I never do...I wake up every hour or two and fight to go back to sleep.

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