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This is the 3rd night no sleep.. why? I’m not having any anxiety symptoms... this has happened many times before .. I just can’t understand why? I will not take sleeping pills.. please any thoughts or experiences 😢

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Hi. Yes i can understand your problem. Go to your chemist or order online for Valerian this is a good herbal remedy for insomnia & stress.

Hello, have u tried valerian. Do u have insomnia. Does this have side effects?

hi are you worried about anything or have a lot of thoughts on your mind? some night i cannot get to sleep so listen to gentle music or talking on the headphones. other people say to get up and do something until you feel tired but i can never do this! i'm always too comfy and warm in bed to get out :p avoid taking anything if you can unless youre having real problems with sleep.

Crystal81 in reply to Makaluu

I listen to classical music and put the fan on and nothing and no I definitely don’t want to get up and do stuff especially in the early mornings like 3am

Exercise. Best thing in the world like taking a natural sedative

Crystal81 in reply to Bt_1213

Exercise keeps me up , my body’s hurts and I think the adrenaline keeps my awake cause my heart rate stays up.. I don’t ever exercise so when I do these things happen

Go for a run early evening or in the morning x

Hi Crystal81, you are right in that sleeping pills is not the way to go. Check your sleeping habits. Sometimes our internal clock gets off. Do not take afternoon naps. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Use meditation and deep breathing before bed which will allow the body and the mind to wind down for the day.. Avoid any stimulants before bed such as caffeinated beverages or chocolates. A glass of warm milk can help put you in a relaxed state.

Make sure all electronic devices are off for the night. The room should be cool and dimmed of lights. This is your place to come at the end of a productive day. To rest, relax and go into a deep peaceful sleep. Breathe and let go. xx

Crystal81 in reply to Agora1

Thanks , I do all these things and I listen to light classical music put my fan on and nothing .. I’m gonna try sleepytime tea.. today ugh it’s so frustrating I cry 😢

Agora1 in reply to Crystal81

Some thing's missing in not getting you into a sleep mode. Rather than listening to music, I would suggest trying Self Hypnosis Meditation. Can be found on YouTube. Some being 8 hours long but you will be in REM sleep long, long before that. Finding an Audio and listening to a soothing voice of someone guiding you into a deep relaxation can be immensely helpful. x

Crystal81 in reply to Agora1

I’m gonna try that, I have never heard of that before.

Try melintoin 1-20 mg/2-magnesium 250mg

I don't take any meds in a way when I get like this I take kalms night which are all herbal and always help me

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