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I feel like I'm obsessing over my throat everyday as soon as I wake, I prod and poke it all the time and I'm convinced I can feel a small lump or something next to my wind pipe, I've even felt my kids and I can't feel anything, my throat doesn't really hurt and I can eat and drink fine, when I told the doctor it felt abit lumpy she had a feel and said it felt OK. I'm just so fed up!

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Anxiety works in mysterious ways as you say we get an obsession and of it goes 

Prodding & poking will not be helping and if I prod and poke long enough chances are I would find something wrong somewhere so I leave things be :-)

I remember having a lump on my neck or so I thought after convincing the Doctor I needed to be referred she did and guess what the specialists first struggled to find what was in my mind a huge lump , then after a scan and it was nothing he told be we all have lumps and bumps , we just normally do not notice them but if and when we do it usually is normal for us as no two people are the same and he also said chances were I had always had it , it was just part of me 

Please try not to worry if your Doctor thought it was something they would refer you and most of all try not to keep poking and prodding your throat , I know not easy when we are fixated but tell yourself just for today you won't and let the days become weeks and the weeks months till hopefully your anxiety will move on from this as you will have told it you are not listening anymore :-)

Take Care x 


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