My 26 yrs old baby ll

This past month have been hard my blood sugar is hitting new lows because i cant get food and fluids in me enough and obviously when its low so is my mood I wish I never wrote what I did if its going to cause issue's. We all love our kids we all come from different parts of this world and all our childhoods have been different. Lets all get on.

 So sad about losing loved ones to cancer I cant imagine what its like the pain must be immense. Thanks for kind words. I am having issue's getting around this site at the moment.  Might be the weather get back soon.


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  • Hi dodo hope you can sort it out i would never ever judge anyone its just like you say no one knows whats happened xxx

  • If your blood sugars are low and you cannot eat then chew (or suck) some glucose tablets. Do you measure your blood sugars at home using a meter? If so, then after the glucose tablets (food is the better option but if you cannot eat then they will have to do as a quick sugar rush) wait an hour and then test again. When your glucose levels are at a higher level and are around the number your diabetic team have set you, then  attempt to maintain them throughout the day, preferably withfood. If yu are insuln dependant, then you will have to adjust the number of units you inject.

  • Ok thanks

  • My husband is diabetic ( not insulin dependent ) but when he gets a low and needs a quick lift, he drinks a glass of milk .

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