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Not a great day :(

I had a really stressful day today and now I feel really down :(

I started a new job today and just found it so overwhelming. It was my first time working in a bad and I was so anxious before I even started. I found taking in all the new information really overwhelming and I just felt more and more panicky. During my lunch break I just cried and cried in the toilet. I tried to clear up the redness from my face but it was obvious that I had been crying. I'm finding it really hard to cope with my anxiety at the moment and I'm so worried about how it is affecting my life now. I am constantly worrying about the next time I will find things too much and when I am going to break down and that of course makes me feel worse :(

I just get overwhelmed so quickly. When I'm faced with too much information and lots of people it really freaks me out. It's really affecting my confidence and happiness now. I struggle to find enjoyment in anything, even things I used to love. I'm constantly worrying about when I'm next going to break down :(

I want to be happy but it's so hard :(

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Sorry to hear. Your last paragraph about getting overwhelmed so quickly when faced with information and people hits home for me. I used to be a social butterfly and be a sponge for information, loving to learn, but now I shy away from all this due to anxiety. Your not alone, and sending strength and hope your way. I'm hoping your new work colleagues are understanding which will make things a lot easier.  


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