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Heath anxiety

Hi I lost  mum to cancer 4 years ago she was only 51. And my dad had a heart attack 3 months later luckily his still alive. But his dad had one at 43 and died. And mums side all woman died of cancer. It's scary I'm the same as u constantly think about it think something is going to happen to me. I was fine never bothered me up till October just gone then boom. I'm currently sat here my heart chest almost feels like vibrating pounding but to put had on there's nothing unusable. And thinking iv got mouth or throt cancer as I stopped when all this anxiety started (October) get strange feeling in my throat and touge feels swollen but it's not its awful. Unfortunately it's our minds playing games I just try to switch off to it all. I'm not on any Meds I didn't want them. I think I have heath anxiety 

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Yeah our minds trigger the symptoms of what we are scared of most I believe. I'm scared of having a seizure and every time I have a panic attack I think I'm about to go into one but then I don't thank god. Yesterday my hands both cramped up and I lost control of them during a panic attack but I was still awake and able to relax my mind so idk exactly what that was but it did scare me too. 

The more i relaxed the more it went away 


I'm sorry you feel this way, I too keep thinking I've got mouth or throat cancer, along with other illnesses, it drives me crazy, makes me feel so sad and scared. You should go to your gp and get some help, you might benefit from some counciling or cbt x


Some of this post could be me . I am sitting here with much the same thought about throat and or mouth cancer. I get the tongue swelling feeling a lot along with a burning sensation it's also quite furry when I tell the doctor he says nothing to worry about easy for him to say . As for throat and neck wow what don't i think is wrong there .I feel like glands under chin are swollen and pushing on throat I have a tightness and pain or ache around voice box adams apple or whatever it is . Always feel like I'm going to pass out but I check my oxygen levels and they seem fine .

I really hate health anxiety can't help feeling that there is something else and none of the doctors take me seriously. It's like here he is again it's just anxiety you will be fine . Clearly I'm not please fix me it's your job. 

Rant over. Hope you are doing better now.


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