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I wish I was in another body

I wonder how long am I going have to deal with this anxiety mess. I'm so tired of it I can't do anything without my mind and body running away from me. All I do now is sit in my room all day serious, I don't even want to interact with my little one because of fear I have. This is the worst stuff ever in history. I hate anxiety I just want it to all go away I'm tired and don't know how much more I can take.....Ready to give it all up

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I hear ya :( So sorry it's that bad for you. You need to focus on your little one and reassure yourself you are ok and it's just anxiety. Are you seeing a psychologist ? Try and get out of your room as I have a very bad habit of going to my room all the time as I feel safe there and laying on my bed listening to sleep music calms me down. Dont give up !! Think of you children as they need their mum. You need to push yourself to do things and keep telling yourself that your children need you and that you can do it. Hope you are ok ? 


I know how you feel... I myself take effexor, which is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. I've tried not taking it and was able to handle the anxiety but it was exhausting! I'm a lot better with the meds than without. I do however feel that counseling is probably a better approach or a good adative.


I know how you feel I find it hard to interact with my children my partner or anyone. It is the worst possible condition it takes over your life. I spend most days hiding away and crying. 


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