I have developed such an annoying habit of sucking and chewing by bottom lip and gum.   Theres been quite a lot going on in my life at the moment and back in december I bit my gum.  Ever since then I chew and suck on this area constantly - its driving everyone mad including me.   I think I, now addicted to Bongela and every other gum related medicine.     Does anyone have any ideas to help me stop?


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  • Hi kimmy22,  Have you told your doctor or dentist about this habit?  A constant irritation of the bottom lip and gum can eventually cause you some serious diagnosis. As for using Bongela, it does have aspirin in it for pain relief.  You can overdose on that if taken more frequently then directed or taken with other drugs.   Since you say there is a lot going on in your life at this time, it might be a good idea to see a therapist who may be able to give  you some sound advice in the habit as well as work on your on going problem.  wish you well  

  • Hi kimmy22,  I know one of the remedies that therapists use to stop habits is to put a rubber band on your wrist and everytime you catch yourself sucking or chewing bottom lip and gum, you snap that rubber band.  It's not only a conscious reminder for you to stop the habit but eventually you will associate the pain of the snap with your habit.  You still would need therapy to work on your on going issues.  Take care. x

  • Ouch - sounds painful!      Must do something. Saw doctor today and he says there's nothing to give me - just stop chewing it!     Not very helpful I thought.    Your right I really should go back to talking therapies to sort my head out again .   One might cure the other. Thanks x

  • Hi Kimmy.   I'm glad you are thinking of talking therapy.  Getting rid of the chewing is not going to work if you don't get rid of the problem causing it.   x

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