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When I was a Kid

I used to think why are other kids so happy why was I being picked on all the time why didn't I fit in. I was different I was a nervous wreck . Things haven't changed much and I will say this  " unless you have been through the same things as I did or anyone else for that matter how can you or I judge " ? There are those who will never know what its like to be traumatized and there are others who will face traumatic events regularly . Who are we to judge who are we to look down on those who are less fortunate. We are all guilty of being hypocrites at times. We are all guilty of letting our feelings get the better of us.

       Just thought I would share what is going on in my head at the minute lol.

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I know all about not fitting in, because my father was in the navy, & that meant that we moved around a lot. I was always the new kid on the block. We finally settled down when I was 8, but we moved to a place where anyone who`s family hadn`t lived there for generations would always be an outsider, & people were expected to conform totally. The neighbourhood was full of kids that ran around in gangs, & I was the odd one out because I was introverted & shy, so I was picked on mercilessly. I ended up having to go to child guidance because of the effect it had on me. This was the start of a slippery slope, ending in to terms of treatment in juvenile psychiatric units, being treated as if I was crazy. I`ll never forgive my parents for putting me through this. Children need stability in their lives to grow up emotionally healthy. Being treated as an extra piece of luggage growing up ruined my life chances.


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