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Throat issues and feeling bad

Hi, I have been feeling good for about 3 weeks only very minor niggles, I got my monthly on Monday and it is a very painful one. I got up yesterday feeling a bit anxious with a headache I'd had for a few days. I have tightness in my throat and chest which got worse all day but was on and off mostly there,  tingles and numbness in my tongue, my neck and shoulders feel tight and I have pain in my back at the top between my shoulder blades. I didn't sleep well either kept waking up with feeling hot and dizzy like I was floating and feeling sick. 

I live with my 2 children aged 11 and 14 after leaving my husband of 20 years,  7 months ago due to him drinking and putting us through not nice things, I had an argument with my 14 year old the day before yesterday and in temper he threw a chair and made a hole in a door which I was very upset about as we have been given a private rent house through council due to our circumstances and we were also  living with 9 in a three bed house, it's the first time my son has done this and he is sorry, i have replaced the door and had a chat with my son.

I think all of this has made me feel anxious again but I can't seem to make it calm down again, I've tried breathing, yoga, distraction, I'm really fed up of feeling like this, it started when I decided to leave my husband 7 months ago, I had 3 months of work to start with as I didn't know what was happening to me.

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Hi Lolly75. I can completely relate to this, me and my husband separated a few years ago. He put me and my kids through hell, he was violent and mentally abusive towards me and my four kids. I honestly believed I was okay (mentally) but a few months ago I developed anxiety. I didn't immediately recognise it though, I thought I was I'll - convinced myself it was my heart, a brain tumour the list is endless to be honest. Only after a few weeks did I sit and think about things and realized I can't have every illness going so what else could it be. I went to my doctor who said she thought it was anxiety. It's hard going through such a tough marriage, you have to be strong for your kids and often you put yourself last. I still struggle but have found the people on here to be very kind and supportive and feel like it helps me a little. Maybe go and see your doctor, see if they can do anything to help you. I have been referred for cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Take care. x


I have seen my doctor and had CBT, doctor did give my some pills but I don't like taking any pills. I have have blood tests, scans as I felt very ill, but all came back clear so doctor says its anxiety and stress.


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