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Feel fed up 😔

So my legs still bad after my fall and I have to go into work tomorrow after 2 days of rest 😔 I thought it'd be better now and I'd be okay but it's really not. My family and boyfriend aren't happy that I'm going in at all. I know I should tell my boss that I'm not better at all and need a couple more days but it's so hard. I went in today for an hour of training which I couldn't miss..she could see how bad I was yet she said nothing...just ignored it and acted like it wasn't an issue. I checked my column for tomorrow and I'm fully booked. I haven't got 15mins to sit and rest my leg anyway. I feel like she doesn't care and really doesn't give a shit if I'm in pain or making myself worse 😓 I just feel so down today nothing feels good. I just want to be by myself. I'm pushing my boyfriend away and just generally being off. I've just felt like crying all day. All I wanted was for her to ask how I was and understand that I'm not finding it easy to walk/move around and I can't even drive! I'm having to get my dad to drive me around. Feel crap 😔

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mmmmm you could wear knee pads next time ah dont worry about it so much :-)


Man I feel ya I used to hate being really sick the ship during a deployment and all I had was my best buddy to cheer me up. Yeah they won't ship you home unless you are seriously broke. My bf on the ship, (yeah I know forbidden love that) we both had food poisoning but still had to carry on with our duty. I felt bad for him though they forgot how I'll he was and made him run a drill.  I was lucky enough that they sent me to my rack instead of standing watch.  That's military for you though.


Oh 2sara1,  I'm so sorry.  She sounds like a pill.  I usually don't talk about people like that.  I too think you needed this whole week off.  I don't think people realize (not only bosses) but most in general that just a "how are  you doing" would be so nice to hear. I hope you will be okay tomorrow.  I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well hoping your pain level doesn't go over the top.   That's nice of your dad to drive you around.

Feel better soon  xx


Thank you. You've been a big help the past few days! Xx

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