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Anxiety make me feel lost and alone like I'm dieing or got something wrong with me

I keep searching for stuff on my body I.e search all over my head for bumps and lumps and sizes etc also my eyes I look in the mirror and loft my lids and I spotted a little dot what could this be it scared me also if the white of my eyes armt realy white I realy realy panic do I need help it scares me anxiety most days I am fine thanks guys x

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Hello John 

Just replied to you on another post 

John you do need help not because you have something physically wrong but with your anxiety 

I know we have often spoken about this and I will be like a broken record and say please get some help from your Doctor about your anxiety

Take Care x

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John, I have to agree with Bounce. You have too much anxiety and that's causing you to feel badly. It's not the whites of your eyes or anything you  can see that's your problem. You need to call and make an appointment to see your Dr. right away and tell him or her about your anxiety causing you these problems. You won't feel better until you are on some medicine and maybe get some counseling on how to handle this anxiety. The sooner you make the call the sooner you'll be on your way to feeling better. Best of luck and good health to you.


Thanks guys I just don't have time I have to work to prove for my family x


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