Hi can anyone help and reassure me ? I have got really bad health anxiety again after being free of it for 3-4 yrs I feel constantly out of breathe dizzy feel sick and have had terrible pain in leg which I have convinced myself is a dvt I feel out of control and scared that I might die at any minute and what's worse is I am due in at work tomorrow and the very thought of it scares me so much 


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  • hello, iv been through exactly the same as you. i was terriied something was wrong . i had pains in both legs for a week, day and night, had palpatations , pains in stomach i felt like i was dying. after a week they went . now and again i still get it. what you meed to remember which i try when i feel worried and anxious about my health is that aches and pains are normal. think of your head. how many sorts of headaches people get that can seem like there head is going to explode , when all it is is a sinple migrain, cluster headache, tendion headache, sinus headache. all those simple harmless things which hurt that are all normal. its the same as the rest of your body. peob infection, aggrivation, harmleas swelling, spot, cyst, inflamation. so many harmless things it could be before its anything seeious. try not to worry i know how you feel. i hope thos helps a little x

  • Thankyou kylie your words help a lot  I hate this has come back and I just don't feel like me at the moment I am beyond frustrated at this feeling , I actually felt better this morning then all of a sudden got searing pain in my leg at lunchtime out of nowhere , which set everything off feeling sick , dizzy scared short of breath I am now beyond tired tonight and dreading tomorrow already which is not me ?! What's your best advice to cope with anxiety , hope your doing well x

  • Yes!  One pain triggers all the rest for me too.  The latest is a leg pain which set off abdomen and shoulder pain then palpitations, numbness, etc.  

    Have you found a solution?

  • to be honest i was so bad bothing helped my anxiety until i started taking citroplam which has calmed me down so much and i cant seem to get worried about anything now. i think stuff but i dont panic about it now. leg pain is very common i get home most nights after work and my legs feel so achy and swollen . sometimes i have trouble sleeping. there is a thing called restless leg syndrome you could possibly have that. i wouldnt worry to much honestly. i know its very hard to not stress but anxiety causes many many side effects that you would never believe are related. if your still worried ask your doctor who will put your mind at rest for good. iv been through it , its a terrible place to be when your worrying and in pain but i promise it will get better for you. x

  • Thanks for replying another hard day today v anxious and dizzy at work legs now aching again the hardest thing I find is telling myself it's anxiety and not some horrible life ending disease , I am on holiday from work for 1 week from Sunday so going to try the tablets next week I feel sorry drained and fed up by it all I just want to feel normal again ! I was so sporty and nothing really bothered me now I am a wreck at times finding it all a bit confusing at times ?did you ever get a constant feeling of butterflies in your chest I get that a lot ? Hope your well 

  • that is definitely anxiety. like your heart is fluttering? the more you are thinking of your symptoms the more stressed and anxious you will feel and that will bring on more symotoms. im suffering bad headaches at the moment and am

    putting it down to tension .are you on your feet all day at work? could you be getting varacuz veins maybe? my dad has them and they make his legs very painful. any chest pains or sensations are almost always due to stress and anxiety. i always find sleeping with a pillow between my legs while im on the side  helps leg pain. this is so your legs are aligned with your pelvis and spine. also iv read another reason for pain in legs are herniated disks or slipt discs in your spine or sciatica. all possibilities. i think your holiday on sunday will do you the world of good and have a lovely relax. best thing you can do. try planning lots and try taking your mind off it. x

  • Hi kylie finally took plunge and started taking it 4 days in and only really minor nausea and feeling a little strange and lightheaded but felt much better for most of the day apart from small panic this morning any advice on how long it took for you to work ? Hope your doing well

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